The Michigan Dyslexia Institute, Inc. (MDI) is a nonprofit organization serving children and adults with dyslexia. We envision a new world for children and adults with dyslexia: a world in which they feel good about themselves and look forward to the future with hope and confidence; a world in which they receive the kind of reading instruction they need, in a nurturing environment; a world in which they are understood and encouraged to develop their potential; and a world in which they can participate fully in the workplace and in their communities. MDI is committed to bringing about this new world.

Estimates of the number of persons with dyslexia in the United States range from under two percent to over 20 percent of the population. Many people with dyslexia also have co-existing conditions such as ADHD. While much research has been done, thousands of articles have been written about dyslexia, and successful teaching strategies have been in use for over 60 years, ignorance continues to be the number one enemy of those with dyslexia.

In response, MDI has developed a testing program to identify children and adults with dyslexia and has provided reading instruction and teacher training to help people with dyslexia. MDI has presented hundreds of public awareness programs throughout Michigan on what dyslexia is and what can be done about it.

MDI provides reading instruction for those with dyslexia; teacher training in Orton-Gillingham reading instruction; and testing of children and adults for dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning disorders. MDI also offers Camp Starlight, a camp specifically for children with dyslexia. Resources for those who have dyslexia, their families, and their teachers are available in the Dyslexia Store.

For further information, explore this site or call the Central Office at 517-485-4000.