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"Dyslexia is a Struggle and a Gift"

Dyslexia is a struggle because your brain doesn't do things like the "normal" world does. It's a struggle because there are times I can't read or write like the "smart" people.  It's a struggle because I have lot of ideas that people don't want to try. Some days it's a struggle because I am speeding through life, and everyone else is in slow motion. I'm a dyslexic." These are words from a father and son that know.

My name is Lee Adams.  I am thirty-nine years old. I was diagnosed as dyslexic back in second grade (my second time in second grade). My mom is a ''fixer" so she wanted a tutor as soon as possible. Into our life came Mrs. Wilson from the Michigan Dyslexia Institute (MDI). Mrs. Wilson spent time helping me twice a week to see what I could learn. I hated school but I liked Mrs. Wilson because she taught me stuff' that helped me get better in school. I spent four years with her helping me do better. Thanks to Mrs. Wilson I learned the "tricks". I wasn't "stupid". Thanks to Mrs. Wilson and the Michigan Dyslexia Institute, I graduated from high school, took some classes at LCC and have a successful job. I own my own home, and have a good life. I have a sixteen year old son who lives with me and guess what - he is dyslexic.

Hi! My name is Luke Adams. I am sixteen years old and live with my dad. I go to Bath High School and love it. When I was younger I went to schools in another school district. I hated school and I didn't attend as much as I should have. I wasn't doing well with reading and writing and I stayed home. I moved in with my dad when I started sixth grade. I was in a new school and happier and decided to try harder, but I still had a hard time. My grandma and my dad knew I was struggling, so they decided to contact Michigan Dyslexia Institute and see if I could be tutored and learn the "tricks" my dad had learned.

After my dad and grandma went to MDI, they found out Mrs. Wilson was still tutoring. My dad was so happy and asked for her help. He was confident she would "fix" this. It all worked out and I have been tutored by Mrs. Wilson for three and a half years now, and she has changed my life. In seventh grade, I had a third grade reading level. I don't know what my reading level is now but I know I can read and keep up pretty well. I am an A/B student and I wouldn’t be doing so well if it wasn’t for the methods of teaching from Michigan Dyslexia Institute and Mrs. Wilson's dedication. I enjoy school and I enjoy being tutored. I am looking forward to a great future.

MDI has made such an impact on my life and my dad's life too. Yes, there are still struggles. However, dyslexia is a gift. Both of us learn differently, but we are able to be more creative. We put a new spin on other people's thoughts. Many times we have been thanked for "thinking outside the box". Michigan Dyslexia Institute has done so much for us as father and son. We were given the opportunity to succeed with the appropriate teaching methods and encouragement.

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and we thank everyone at Michigan Dyslexia Institute for all they do to help as many as they can.

​MDI Staff and Clients thank you for your continued support!


morgan & russel

Morgan, a current client and her father, Russel, a former at MDI.

dawn & ashley

Dawn and her daughter, Ashley, both former clients at MDI, and her two granddaughters, Sarenity & Ellie who now attend MDI.

Adams family

Luke Adams and his father, Lee Adams.